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Here's the letter I just sent to Planet Money indicating that I would like to donate to their pledge drive in DOGE.

Preamble: For those of you who may not know of Planet Money, it's an NPR backed Podcast that specializes in economics. It's well respected and very popular (as in, the 10th most popular Podcast on iTunes, out of ALL podcasts). As with all NPR programs right now, they are in the middle of a pledge drive. I have offered to give them 100,000 DOGE if they put a Dogecoin address on their website.
Maybe you'd like to donate too? Maybe you'd like to let them know that you have some DOGE for them?
Email: [email protected] twitter: @planetmoney
Planet Money does amazing work, and I will probably support them regardless of whether they accept DOGE. But I do think that if we can get their interest they will realize that there's an amazing story here that's worthy of their coverage.
Dear Planet Money team,
By now you are probably aware of Dogecoin, the new crypto currency that's getting a lot of attention lately. I would like to tell you why I am personally committed to Dogecoin, and how Dogecoin may benefit Planet Money directly.
Finally, I would like to propose an experiment. Since you're in the middle of a pledge drive right now, give your listeners who use Dogecoin a chance to show their generosity. All you need to do is put a Dogecoin wallet address up on your website. If you need help figuring out how to get an address, you can read the "getting started" guide or I can personally help you out. The cost to you is nothing, except for the small amount of time it takes to put the address on your site.
If you set up a Dogecoin address and post it publicly, I will personally pledge 100,000 Dogecoins to Planet Money. Converting Dogecoin to USD is not difficult, but you may want to use some of the Dogecoins to participate in the Dogecoin economy. I bet the experience would make a fascinating podcast!
To the moon,
[my name]
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The NPR Planet Money podcast/article does a good job of summarizing the events of 1992 [1]. In the Brazil situation the country had control of both currencies and could set the exchange rate. I don't see how using Bitcoin would eliminate the problem that the country is experiencing: an unstable currency. Most developed countries target around 2% inflation. Bitcoin has not had that kind of ... Cryptocurrencies Are Created All The Time. Meet Dogecoin Jackson Palmer started cryptocurrency dogecoin as a joke. To his surprise, it took off. That's partly why he is not optimistic about the ... Bitcoin halving is a significant event (every ~4 years, or 210,000 blocks, the supply rate of new coins is halved) – this doubles its S2F ratio and increases Bitcoin’s value. Currently, Bitcoin has an S2F ratio of 27 – the model estimates the price to be little under $10,000 per bitcoin Five years ago, in 2014, when Bitcoin was trading between $760 and $360, NPR’s podcast Planet Money asked two people involved in the world of money and finance to bet on the future of Bitcoin. ( Read More... In a recent episode of Planet Money, a podcast and blog produced by National Public Radio (NPR), an independent American non-profit media organization, venture capitalist Ben Horowitz and financial journalist Felix Salmon were brought together to discuss the result of a bet on Bitcoin adoption that they made in February 2014 (during another episode of Planet Money).

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