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The leader of the Indian cryptocurrency pyramid fell victim of his accomplices

The leader of the Indian cryptocurrency pyramid fell victim of his accomplices
In India, the organizer of a multi-million dollar fraud scheme, which collected money in bitcoins, was killed. He deceived his accomplices and became their victim.
The police of India managed to find out that it was made by his accomplices. They brought the body of 35-year-old Abdul Shakoor in the night from Wednesday to Thursday in a private hospital, and then immediately disappeared. However, law enforcement officers soon managed to detain them.
"The reason for the murder was cryptocurrency assets, the total value of which is estimated at several hundred million Indian rupees. The defendants, who were members of Shakur's team, severely tortured the victim, which was the cause of death," police said.
It is assumed that Shakur deceived not only investors, taking their assets worth about $ 68 million for himself, but also was taking his accomplices assets. He told them that the cryptocurrency wallet had been hacked and all bitcoins stolen. Those, in turn, did not believe in this version and began to torture the leader of the group in the hope of getting a password from the wallet.
In the process of torture Shakur was pass out, after which the confederates decided to take him to two hospitals. "In one hospital doctors told them that he is dead. Apparently they did not believe and were taken to another multidisciplinary hospital, where they received a similar answer. Then they all escaped, leaving their vehicle in front of the ambulance station, " the police commented.
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